Dedicated to the memory of Mieka

This site is a tribute to Mieka, who was born in Netherlands on July 03, 1961.She was a daughter, sister, wife, mother and auntie  She is much loved and will always be remembered. Mieka was a lover of everything outdoors. She skied, hiked, camped, scuba dived for a little while early on and gardened. Her latest was trail running and made friends who she would meet up with for the last 8 years. Her kids were her life and loved being a mom. She worked for a little while as a cardiac sonographer back in California and a little bit once she moved back to Washington.  

Dreaming- I wish, I wish upon a star, for my dreams to carry me to where you are, to hear your voice or sense your touch, to feel you near would mean so much. I know you're never far away, and that you're with me every single day, So I'm wishing now with all my might that you'll come to me in my dreams tonight.


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